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Dates: 4/15 – 4/24 Module 1 | 5/1- 5/10 Module 2. Two 10-day intensives with a 6 day break in between for study, practice, and integration.


Join us this spring for our Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training. Our programming empowers our students to explore their own unique relationship with yoga. This 200-hour course is broken into two 10-day intensives. Module 1 focuses on the foundations of vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on pranayama, meditation, Bhakti Yoga, and intentional movement. Module 2 explores asana: posture study, sequencing, and mind/body alignment; the anatomy and physiology of Yoga; and, how to teach integrative Vinyasa Flow classes. This 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow Training will teach you how to instruct strong, well-rounded, and uplifting vinyasa flow classes. The sequencing and instruction you will learn from this course will help you teach classes similar to the following classes we offer at Inversion: Heated Vinyasa, Hot Fusion, Power Hour, and Bhakti Flow.

Learning Objectives:

  • Cultivating a Daily Self Practice
  • Vinyasa Flow: Mindful Breath with Movement
  • 20 Hr Yoga Philosophy 
  • Posture Study: Standing, Balancing, Floor, Backbends, Inversions + Closing
  • Postural Alignment, Mind/Body Connection
  • Posture Modifications + Various Expressions
  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • Yoga Philosophy: The Eight Limbed Path
  • Energetic Body: Chakras
  • Teaching Techniques for Group + Private Classes
  • Clear + Empowering Language for Communication
  • Public Speaking Tools
  • Feedback as a Growth Tool
  • Hands-On Assisting + Adjusting
  • The Business of Yoga
  • Yoga as a Way of Living

Daily Schedule:
8:00 – 8:50 Sadhana
9:00 – 11:00 Heated Vinyasa Practice
12 – 4:15 Session

4:30-5:30 Restorative or Rope Wall Practice 
+ Readings, homework, practice teaching, recorded classes, and coursework required in addition to daily schedule.

200 Hour Training $3,200 ($2,800 if enroll by 3/15)

* You are welcome to join 100-hr Modules for $1,950 ($1,750 if enrolled by 3/15). However, you must complete all 200 hours to receive your RYS 200 Certificate to be a 200-Hr Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher. Module 1 is a prerequisite to Module 2. There is a two week break between the two 10-day Intensives. Homework, Exam, and Live Test-Out must be completed before Module 2 begins.

Tuition includes: Unlimited Yoga during the duration of the training. 20% off merchandise, 10% off cafe services. $500 non refundable deposit reserves your attendance. If you set up a payment plan, all tuition must be paid before the end of the current calendar year. 

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