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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please reach out to us at info@inverisonyoga.com so the we can assist you.


Can I purchase energy bites in bulk?2021-11-20T14:16:07-07:00

Yes! As this is one of our more popular items, we require a three day notice for any bulk order of our energy bites and chocolate. ( 12 or more constitutes a bulk order)

I am interested in joining the team, how do I apply?2021-08-31T00:30:15-06:00

Feel free to drop us an email and we will get back to you about current job opportunities. We are always interested in connecting with others that share our values and vision of providing our community with quality nutrition and education. We look forward to meeting you!

What happens to your food scraps?2021-08-31T00:29:55-06:00

Our friends over at Sweet Hollow Farm in Victor, Idaho have chickens that happen to love almost all of our food waste. Whatever is not chicken friendly (onion skins, coffee grinds, etc.) we add to our own compost bin. We use the pulp from our  house made nut milks in our raw energy bites and smoothies.

How do you plan to become zero waste?2021-08-31T00:29:01-06:00

We plan to continue to search for sustainable, low waste packaging solutions for all of our single use packaging items. We will be composting our food waste and encouraging our customers to use reusable vessels when they shop with us. We strive towards partnering with companies who have these same values and are cutting down on their own waste and emissions.

What kind of single use cups do you use?2021-08-31T00:28:14-06:00

Our single use hot cups are made 100% from sugarcane,  hot lids are made 100% from gluten free wheat straw fiber,  cold cups are made 100% from  bamboo, and  cold lids made 100% from PLA, a compostable USA grown corn based plastic. Each of these materials is a renewable resource that does not require any trees be cut down.

What are the benefits of being a member?2021-08-31T00:27:34-06:00

Our memberships are designed to give you discounted prices on our entire menu. Click HERE to see our membership options.

What is the shelf life of your juice?2021-08-31T00:24:30-06:00

We recommend consuming your juice within 24 hours after opening.

What are the benefits of drinking cold pressed juice?2021-08-31T00:24:09-06:00

Vegetables and fruits are extremely high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals. Drinking cold pressed juice provides a rapid flush of nutrients into your system which bolster energy and a healthy immune system.

What is cold pressed juice?2021-08-31T00:23:06-06:00

Our cold pressed juice is raw, unpasteurized, and never heated or oxidized, which means that none of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and  phytochemicals  are lost in the process. Rather than using heat, our Good Nature hydraulic cold press  juicer uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract juice from the produce, creating a fresh, nutrient rich  product.

Why does the menu change often/why are some items not always available?2021-08-31T00:21:54-06:00

Our menu is curated seasonally, and often on a weekly or monthly basis, based on what is available to us from our partners in the agriculture and distributing industries. We source all organic, fair trade/ethically sourced, low environmental impact foods whenever possible, and this is a driving force behind our cafe. So, when organic, ethically sourced  bananas are not available to us, you will not see it on the menu. We hope that you will support us in our mission  to support OTHERS who are growing our food using methods that support the natural rhythm of the earth and our bodies (we shift with the seasons too!) as well as enjoy the spontaneous nature of our menu options.

What is your glass jar deposit policy?2021-11-20T14:14:37-07:00

We charge a deposit with each purchase that contains a glass jar.  Any glass jar and lid that you have purchased our products in can be returned WITH the lid for a $2 credit towards your next purchase.  We would like to encourage you to help us reuse our containers rather than allowing them to make their way to the landfill. (Jars or lids without their other half can be brought back for a .50 cent credit towards your next purchase)

Can I purchase tea in bulk?2021-11-20T14:18:45-07:00

Yes! We offer bulk purchases of both our signature tea blends and build-your-own blends by the ounce. We have bags for bulk tea and glass jars for sale with your tea purchase, but if you would like to bring in your own tea vessel that is great!

What are Adaptogens?2021-08-31T00:18:39-06:00

Adaptogens help the body to adapt to stress caused by both internal and external stimuli. We incorporate many adaptogens into our menu, as they are a great support for our daily lives.

Are your products vegan?2021-08-31T00:15:22-06:00

Many of our products are completely vegan. However, anytime there is dairy, meat, or honey added into a product, we will clearly state that on the ingredients list and will be happy to let you know if you ask! Our collagen is not vegetarian.

What if I have an allergy?2021-08-31T00:11:22-06:00

We take this seriously and want to make sure you feel confident that your purchase has not been cross contaminated. All of our current menu products are gluten free. Our oats, which we source from Nuts.com, are all certified Gluten Free.  We do use peanut butter in some ingredients in the cafe and smoothies. If you have an allergy to certain plants such as asters, we recommend letting us know in advance when ordering  our tea. Please be sure to check with us if you have a specific allergy and we will ensure your food or drink has not been contaminated.

Who do you source from?2021-08-31T00:08:10-06:00

We try our best to source from local, organic farmers and distributors whenever possible. When we cannot, we choose to work with partners aligned with our values of sustainability, ethical responsibility and organic food systems.

Do you deliver?2021-08-31T00:07:03-06:00

We currently do not offer delivery but plan to in the near future!

Do I get a discount if I bring in my own cup?2021-08-31T00:06:37-06:00

Yes! We know that it can take a bit more effort to remember  your own cup and so  we would like to help incentivise this by taking 20 cents off every time you bring your own cup or mug. Not only are you saving money but  by bringing your own vessel , you are also  contributing less waste to the landfill.  We sell quality reusable bamboo  to-go cups that do not contain any plastic. When you purchase one of these cups enjoy a free drip coffee or tea on us!

What are the guidelines for returning the jars/bottles?2021-08-31T00:06:11-06:00

Please bring in your glass jar with the plastic lid, cleaned or thoroughly rinsed out.  We have a commercial sanitizer that we use to clean all of our bottles, jars and lids. (Jars or lids without their other half can be brought back for a .50 cent credit towards your next purchase)


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