Deidre Norman

Deidre Norman is a Master Sattva Yoga teacher and Medical Intuitive whose mission is to guide people to align with their Highest Truth through personal energy evaluations, spiritual wellness courses and the teachings of yoga and meditation.

Learning to manage her energy and energy boundaries has been one of the most transformative things in her life.  And because of this, one of her main passions is to share these teachings with others. She works with people through Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Coaching and online courses that empower others to tap into their own Intuitive abilities and manage their energy. As a Medical Intuitive, Deidre uses her intuitive abilities to help people understand the emotional, psychological and spiritual energy that lies at the root of illness, disease or life crises.

In addition to her intuitive work and yoga teachings, she also leads retreats to India. These will begin again in 2022.