Hannah Fredricks

Hannah first began practicing yoga while in college and was able to dive deeper into her practice after moving to Jackson in 2016. She enveloped herself in the community at Inversion by working at the front desk while she began her vinyasa teacher trainings in-studio with Niki Sue Mueller Louise Sanseau, and Pradeep Teotia.

Hannah’s practice is deeply rooted in the belief that mindfulness and meditation practice is a pillar for reducing stress and anxiety in our daily lives. She believes that yoga allows one to slow down, let go of daily stressors and distractions, and simply be present. This knowledge is too precious not to keep to oneself, which is why Hannah decided to begin to share her practice with others in 2020.

Hannah’s classes will invite you to connect to your breath, slow down, and become aware of the present moment. Gentle cues will allow you to make the space your own, and you’ll leave feeling a new sense of gratitude and peace for your day.

When not practicing, teaching or studying yoga, Hannah likes spending time with her dog Bowdie, traveling, skiing, running, hiking, reading, and fishing.

That which is you is also me. Om.