Sara Kline

Sarah Kline has a Masters in Psychology & Counseling and has been in the Valley for 14 years combining Yoga Psychology, clinical practices, and integrative practices. Her focus is not to dwell on the past, yet address the root causes of what’s happening presently for the individual.  The goal is not just to kick this addiction or that addiction, yet to strive for the individual’s optimal potential and get to the bottom of what’s driving the imbalance.

Using a collaboration of healing techniques Sarah recently initiated a Pilot Program with two individuals in the community struggling with addiction.  Her 8-week program included specific yoga & meditation techniques utilizing the Super Health model of Kundalini Yoga, supplements, nutrition which included fresh juice daily from Healthy Being  and exercise targeted for the individual, connection and ‘give back to the community’, self-study and finding meaning in life. Participants also met with their counselor, kept to their medication regimen and gave weekly feedback.  We implemented a community day where we floated the Snake and invited others to join in. Oftentimes we made a community meal on that day and discussed yoga psychology. This program showed through the results and feedback from participants that by establishing connection with others, helping others and looking at a deeper meaning daily they could get to the root of what was driving their addiction.  Find testimonials below.

“Through my journey with Kundalini yoga, therapy, and diet I have become more grounded, connected and confident. My addiction and depression no longer rule me and I feel more alive and passionate about life. My hope is one day I can help others find the same relief.”  B.O.

“Going to a residential treatment center would have created a financial burden and disruption in my life which may have exacerbated my situation. I became integrated in a group of local professionals, businesses , and organizations who showed a deep interest in my well being and recovery.  I took on the responsibility of following their recommendations regarding lifestyle choices, regular exercise and yoga practice, daily mindfulness and meditation, diet, supplements, adequate sleep, group involvement and social connection, study of relevant literature regarding wellness. All of this along with continuing my weekly therapy opened my mind to a new way of living.  With the added support of this Pilot program and a new determination, strengthened by my daily practices, I finally saw a clear path to health and happiness.” T.C

Sarah’s mission is to develop more pilot programs and have an ongoing educational model that begins to treat addiction at it’s deepest level, which is disconnection with oneself.

For more information, you may contact her at, 307-413-3988.