Brian Sweat

Yoga found Brian well over a decade ago following rehabilitation from a spine injury. His practice began with slow and restorative yoga with the nature and extent of his limited mobility due to the injury. As his body and mind physically improved with yoga practice and other forms of healing, he eventually moved towards a Vinyasa practice which led to a consistent Ashtanga practice.
After several years following the traditional Ashtanga practice, Brian was introduced to Rocket Yoga in Northern California and was immediately hooked. Shortly after the passing of Larry Schultz(the founder of Rocket yoga), Brian completed a 200 hour training with one of Larry’s most dedicated students. Brian founded and operated a donation based studio, 8L Yoga in Chico California, for several years following his training offering Ashtanga and Rocket based yoga to the community.
Brian wound up in the Tetons pursuing mountain sports and building his company in the cycling industry. When not on the mat or in the mountains, he enjoys fabrication projects, working on old trucks, and throwing the ball for his Catahoula, Luna