Chelsea Robinson

After many years of steady self-practice, Chelsea took a 200-hr YTT in Montezuma, Costa Rica in 2012 with Jackie Chiodo, which focused on a joyful style of yoga flow, transformational ayurvedic practices and studies of the chakra system that shifted her practice to a deeper level. Looking to expand her knowledge, she took a 30-hr training in Trauma-Informed Yoga through the Firefly Yoga International program in the spring of 2017, which opened her eyes into the vast potential yoga has for healing communities in need. Chelsea also recently completed a 20-hr Barre training with Jess Grim and Hope Nartonis at Inversion Yoga in the spring of 2019.

​Chelsea practices yoga because she believes in preventative, proactive healthcare and she teaches to share the gift of yoga with others. She believes there is no medicine more powerful, transformative and healing than a regular yoga and meditation practice. Guiding students towards their own truth and providing them with the tools to find stillness in the midst of our busy lives is her happy place.

Chelsea offers public yoga classes and private instruction as well as workshops specifically focused on healing trauma through yoga.

​When not teaching yoga, Chelsea runs a graphic design business, Dashmark Designs, and lives with her husband and their happy and rambunctious 4-year-old boy in Jackson, Wyoming. She enjoys skiing fast, hiking, riding her dirt bike, painting, cooking, reading, and making her son laugh.