Sami Thune

I was first introduced to yoga in 2009 and practiced infrequently at the start. After graduating college, my husband and I met an amazing woman in Northern VA who became our yoga teacher and mentor.

She has a deep practice, focused on alignment and teaches yoga therapy to many people who suffer from chronic pain. She was the inspiration for the idea of “way open” meaning to follow the open path in life, which is now our blog name (@wayopenblog).

I dove deep into my practice in 2015 and have practiced consistently and often ever since. Yoga became a healing path for my mind and body. It brought me peace that I hadn’t had before. I’ve fallen in love with the practice and what it’s done for me and so many others.

We’ve practiced in many studios across the country and world, but Inversion remains the best. Inversion was our first home when we moved to Jackson in 2015. I am so grateful to be able to teach with these incredible women (and men), and to be able to give back to this community!

I’m a new teacher as of 2021, but excited to share my practice and grow with you. Until then, with love & light, namaste.