Sarah Hemphill

Sarah Hemphill is a Jackson native who discovered her love of movement from a very early age when she started her dance training at her local studio Dancers’ Workshop. She holds a B.F.A in Modern Dance from the University of Utah and has been teaching dance and movement classes in and out of the valley for over 15 years. She is currently on the teaching staff at Dancers’ Workshop and is a member of Contemporary Dance Wyoming, Wyoming’s only professional modern dance company. Throughout her dance career she has had the great honor of working with many distinguished artists/choreographers and is grateful she can continue to immerse herself in the world of dance here in her hometown of Jackson.In 2012, Sarah received her full, comprehensive certification in Pilates through Balanced Body University after being a student herself for years and seeing and feeling the positive changes it brought to her life. She considers pilates a mind-body discipline, and her approach to teaching is very influenced by her love of dance and movement. Her teaching style attempts to be as close to the teachings of Joseph Pilates as possible, something she realized early on her training that she felt passionate about. She believes the order in which he laid out the exercises should be honored and practiced, but will stray and add variations of her own, depending on her clients individual needs. She maintains a philosophy that highlights working with clients as individuals and instructs from a platform that emphasizes education in conjunction with dynamic movement. Sarah describes her teaching style to be classical and classical Pilates is essentially Pilates in the truest most authentic form, as Joseph Pilates intended.Over the past 10 years as an instructor Sarah continues to find Pilates to be one of the most therapeutic, healing, important exercise forms. She enjoys being able to tailor exercises to individuals needs and finds such joy in helping her clients achieve their goals. She is also an experienced pre/postnatal instructor and loves helping women through their pregnancies and post birth experiences through Pilates.Sarah holds certifications from the Pilates Method Alliance, Balanced Body University and BootyBarre. Although recognized as a trainer in her industry, she still considers herself a student and is always continuing to hone her craft.To find out more about Sarah you can visit her website