Lindsay Dann

Lindsay’s teaching path began In Costa Rica, where she completed her first 200 hour teacher training in Devaya yoga of color light and sound. Before moving to Jackson she taught at resorts, retreats and studios throughout Central and South America sharing a fluid, organic, emotional and spiritual yoga practice. Her classes now reflect over 500 hours of training in Prana flow, Lunar flow, Kundlaini, Vinyasa, Restorative and Hatha Yoga. She loves organic and spontaneous meditations, and movement that connects students with the sun and the moon. Encouraging classes to slow down and sink into each posture Lindsay’s, style is unique and euphoric. Expect alignment but also to find your center through discovery of feeling the space around you and within you. Studying under Shiva Rea has influenced her teaching style and her personal practice of ‘stoking the heart fire’. Ultimately guiding herself and others to truly live yoga and not just practice it.