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Join us for the first Grof® Breathwork workshop in Jackson, Wyoming

 Grof® Breathwork is an experiential method of self-exploration and healing designed to induce deep holotropic states of consciousness through a combination of very simple means – accelerated breathing, evocative music, and focused bodywork that helps to release residual bioenergetic and emotional blocks. Grof® Breathwork is the current form of breathwork authorized by Stanislav and Brigitte Grof based on the holotropic breathwork model Stan developed with his late wife Christina at the Esalen Institute in 1974.

By activating the unconscious and mobilizing blocked energies, Grof® Breathwork invites access to all levels of human experience including unfinished issues from our childhood or adult lives, possible birth trauma, and a variety of transpersonal experiences that can reach mythological, archetypal, and universal realms.




Inversion Yoga Studio

260 W. Pearl Ave.

Jackson, WY 83001


Friday January 26, 6-9pm

Saturday January 27, 8:30am – 7pm

Sunday January 28, 10 – 1pm


For additional information, please contact Alex Lopez

at alex@grof-legacy-training-usa.com



Jay Dufrechou

Marianne Murray

Kerry Marumoto

Organizer: Alex Lopez

Registration: click HERE

Grof Legacy Training USA is the United States branch of the international training organization founded by Stan and Brigitte Grof in 2020, Grof Legacy Training. For more information on our US training programs, click here. 

Click here to read more about Grof® Breathwork.

To read more about the development of this method by Stan and his late wife Christina Grof at Esalen in the 1970s, click here. 

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