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In-Depth Journey Through the Chakras
7 week, 7 Chakra Exploration
January 7th – February 18th
Meets every Sunday 5:30-7:30pm, In studio and digital!

Join Deidre on a 7-week, in-depth journey through the chakras! This 7 week course will meet every Sunday at 5:30pm at Inversion. It will also be livestreamed and recorded so you’re welcome to join in whatever capacity best works for you.

The body contains 7 major energy centers along the spine, known as chakras. These energy centers act like data banks and provide information about the subtle body. Tuning in to these centers, accessing the information, and working with the chakras can help you find balance and vitality.

Why Balance the Chakras?

  • Working with ~ and learning to master ~ the energy of the 7 chakras along the spine allows us to transcend imbalances, raise our energy, heal ourselves of old patterns that are no longer serving us (these patterns can be lodged in the body, mind or a habitual behavior) and express the highest potentiality of each chakra and the self.
  • In this course, we will learn how to tune into the wisdom of the chakras to understand our own personal imbalances, and learn tools for strengthening each energy center. We will also learn about how each chakra affects us, the emotional components of each chakra as well as their relationship to the physical body (organs etc.).

Who is this Course For?

  • Anyone who is curious about the deep wisdom that the chakras offer.
  • Anyone who wants to deepen their relationships with their energy body.
  • This is also a beautiful opportunity for people to join a like-minded, growth-oriented Sangha (community).

During our time together you will receive:

  • 7 2-hour workshops. These will be a combination of learning about the chakras through knowledge sharing, activities and meditation.
  • A workbook specifically created for this Chakra Workshop.
  • Each week you will be given an 11 minute meditation to do each day to continue your healing of the chakras throughout the week.

What You Will Take Away by the End of the 8 Weeks:

  • Learn to ground and center your energy by working with your aura and other grounding tools so you don’t leak your energy.
  • Learn to master your energy.
  • Increase your intuition.
  • Expand your awareness.
  • Cultivate a deeper connection between your body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn to overcome the habits, programs and conditioning that govern your life.
  • Learn to identify exactly where you are leaking energy out of your chakras and how you can stop by staying whole in your energy system
  • Learn about belief systems (associated with the chakras) that are holding you back.
  • Learn about how the chakras relate to the physical body and internal organs ~ as well as which gods and goddesses are associated with each chakra.
  • Learn to balance, harmonize and heal the 7 chakras along the spine through an integrated yoga practice (kriya, meditation, breathwork and asana), energy medicine techniques, and journaling.
  • Learn about how the chakras affect the aura (the energy field outside of the physical body).
  • Learn about the 3 granthis ~ three psychic knots in the physical body which are obstacles on the path of the awakened kundalini. They represent stages we must go through on our journey of evolution.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the energy system within you (chakras, aura and grounding field).
  • Transform your life by moving toward the path of evolutionon on this deep journey inwards.
  • Wake up and align with your true, authentic self.
  • Start to understand yourself at the most subtle and deep level.
  • Learn the art of being your own self healer and learn how to start diagnosing your energy blocks.
  • Increase your connection to your intuition.
  • Cultivate a deep relationship with yourself.

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