Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa fell in love with yoga 20 years ago and continues to marvel at it’s profound transformative powers. She began teaching asana 16 years ago and over time has developed a teaching style which focuses on alignment and the connection to our innate joy.

Vanessa teaches Align & Reset, a class that alters patterns and misalignments that are caused by everyday living. Whether through sitting, sleeping, walking or playing in the mountains, our bodies establish patterns that take us out of our natural alignment and create tightness and imbalances in the body. Through consciously aligning our bones and muscles in simple yoga postures, sometimes with the help of props, we can reset these patterns and come into greater freedom in our bodies. This newfound freedom helps with injury prevention and can even lead to better athletic performance. This class is a perfect compliment to a busy, active lifestyle.

A few years ago Vanessa found Barre and couldn’t help but teach it! In her classes she shares her love of music and movement, teaching a fun and invigorating class.

Join Vanessa for Align & Reset, Barre, or Restorative classes! Or book a private with her for practical, spirit based coaching developed from years of coaching training and from her meditation practice!