Serese Kudar

Serese was introduced to the 26&2 hot yoga by her best friend while attending San Diego State. She has never looked back. Her love of the practice inspired her to teach youth yoga and attend teacher training where she currently shares this wonderful gift of self realization to hundreds of students. The Hot 90 yoga mantra follows, “You’re never too old, never too sick, never too late to do yoga and start from scratch once again”. The healing stories are profound and humbling! If you are seeking to build focus and discipline in your mind body while you gain strength and flexibility from bones to skin, from top to bottom, from the inside out, Serese would be honored to introduce you to what she refers to as a “spine meditation”. When not in the hot room teaching or practicing, she uses her energy to create amazing work for her clients, to share love and hugs, and to graciously give thanks to those who live selflessly and joyfully.