Rebecca McIntosh

Rebecca danced with Utah Regional Ballet II from 2001-2004. A hip injury forced her to quit dancing before she was ready. Because of the heat and focus on alignment, the only form of exercise that Rebecca could do that wasn’t painful on her hips was Bikram Yoga. At the age of 27 an x-ray deemed that she had osteoporosis in her left hip and the doctor encouraged surgery. Instead she decided to go to the Bikram Yoga teacher training. Her hips are still tight, but the yoga has completely eliminated the pain from her body which was at one time unbearable.

Rebecca has been teaching Bikram Yoga for 13 years and has personally experienced its tremendous healing effect. She lives with her 5 year old son (the love of her life), has a Bachelor’s in Film, and she is studying to become Physical Therapist.

“You don’t need to be “flexible” to practice yoga. Maybe in the mind, yes but not the body. In fact those who are less flexible tend to receive more benefits from their practice as opposed to their counterparts. The magic of hot yoga is that you place yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you are faced with the heat, you are faced with the nonstop instructor, the mirror, the decisions that you have made within the past 24 hours, and the aches and pains inside of your mind and your body and in these intense moments you train yourself to be at peace. Bikram’s words ring constantly in my mind, “nothing can steal your peace”. Everything is a microcosm of a macrocosm of a microcosm of a macrocosm of a microcosm of a macrocosm… The ability to move gracefully through uncomfortable situations in class train you to increase your ability to move gracefully through uncomfortable situations in your life. You practice yoga like you practice your life. Class is the training ground for you to move through your blockages and realize your limitless potential. This class is magic. It has helped me countless times move through massive challenges in my life. The practice to me is so much more than a way to “get fit”; it works everything physically, metaphysically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. There are few things better than being in the yoga room. I am grateful to be able to part of this evolution.” – Rebecca McIntosh