Louise Sanseau

Louise is the founder and owner of Inversion Yoga. She believes that people heal and grow when they feel safe and supported. She works to make sure everyone feels welcomed, seen, and supported at Inversion. The studio is a sanctuary for anyone seeking community, wellness, and self-study. Through Inversion Yoga and YogaLyte (yogalyte.com), Louise works to create sustainable, heart-felt businesses that connect people and expand consciousness.

As a teacher, Louise believes that when the breath is correct, the posture will become correct. It’s all about the breath. She teaches to pay attention to the body’s structural alignment within the posture; however, she doesn’t want for her students to get stuck in caring about what the body looks like. She teaches her students how to embody the breath and with it, take reign over their lives. With two feet anchored into the earth, she teaches her students how to become reliable, unwavering, and sincere in their practice and how they engage with the world. She hopes that the yoga practice will dissolve judgement, stereotypes, prejudices, stigmas, and labels that divide us. She believes that yoga heals all ailments and cracks open our hearts.

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.” ― Rumi

2006 CorePower Yoga 200 Hr
2011 Tim Miller 100 Hr in Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
2012 Tim Miller 100 Hr in Ashtanga Yoga Second Series
2013 Hot Yoga Maui 300 Hr
2013 Chrissy Shea 24 Hr Thai Yoga Massage Level 1
2013 Sarah Kellett 30 Hr OmGym Suspension Yoga
2014 Dana Baptiste 500 Hr Yoga Therapy Training
2014 Bhavani Maki 100 Hr in Philosophy, Sanskrit & Asana Study
2016 Rama Jyoti Vernon Yoga Sutra Workshop
2017-2018 Dena Kingsberg 3 Week Study in Ashtanga and various 5 day workshops

Louise is a lover of all variations, schools, lineages, and brands of yoga and is genuinely thrilled for anyone on the yoga path. She is a student of Ashtanga Yoga as taught in the lineage of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Her main teachers are: Bhavani Maki and Tim Miller. She has recently connected with Dena Kingsberg and is grateful to begin her studies under such a skilled and graceful teacher.

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi