Heidi Christine

Heidi is a born and bred Jackson Hole local. She has spent her life exploring movement and the body through dance, yogasana and the living of life. She has been teaching movement and dance for over 16 years and works privately using principles of Alexander Technique, Somatic Psychology, Thai Massage, dance technique and yoga to work with clients in a therapeutic movement practice.

Heidi teaches a very conditioning yoga asana class while maintaining a teachable environment to enable each and every student to achieve their highest potential. Her knowledge of athletic conditioning, gives her an advantage in offering expert “training” advice for her student’s individual needs. This comes as customizing modifications and advancements of classical poses to support each student in reaching their deepest potential physically, energetically and cognitively. Heidi is also quite the philosophy buff and takes great care in relating classical Hindu and yoga philosophy to modern context – while presenting both the metaphysical and physiological roadmaps for each asana.

As a dancer, the flow of the class is also a place where Heidi offers something really unique. Each posture may be broken down, and each theme explored thoroughly, while never losing track of the flow and feel of the class. In this way Heidi’s students’ can really lean into the principles and the practice… Remembering to “let go of anything that does not serve you, in your highest, so that you may make space for more of what does”… In this way Heidi’s principle teaching is to “hold space for healing” in the practice of living your daily life.

Using the fusion of many movement and teaching styles to daily flow through the practice of living an embodied life, Heidi is here to enable her students to find liberation physically, emotionally and cognitively from the patterning and stories of old. She is continually amazed at the body’s capacity to bring healing to itself, and relishes the chance to share this knowledge and experience first hand with her clients.

2012 – 100 Hr Anusara with Cate Stillman, Neesha Zollinger & Bridget Lyons | Asana, Anatomy, Pranayama
2013 – 100 Hr Anusara with Neesha Zollinger & Bridget Lyons | Philosophy, Anatomy, Pedagogy
2013 – 15 Hr Iyengar with Roger Cole | Health Psychology – Pranayama & Sequencing – 15 hr
2014 – 20 Hr Yoga Therapy with Gizella Donald
2014 – 100 Hr Ashtanga with Bhavani Maki | Sutra, Samskrta, Anatomy, Asana
2015 – 75 Hr Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow, Level 1 & 2
2015 – 18 Hr Ashtanga with Bhavani Maki | Asana & Philosophy


Other Teachers and Credits include –
Student of Mirabei Bush, Private Natural Chef/Baker; Candlebox Bakery, Co-Star; Yoga Today 2013/2015, Dancer/Contributing Artist; Contemporary Dance Wyoming, Massage Therapist