Carol Mann

Carol’s wonderful classes are for all bodies, all ages, and all abilities. She likes to say that old people need yoga too. Her classes are heart-felt meditations that guide students gently through their body, mind, and takes the soul on a bit of a journey.

Carol’s life work is devoted to sharing the many paths…ancient and contemporary, scientific and mystic…for upgrading our consciousness. Her many successful careers include: college professor, entrepreneur, author and clairvoyant. Carol has now added the practice of yoga to her repertoire.

Her Heartfelt Restorative yoga classes are a blend of breath work, heart meditation and asana practice all designed to balance and nurture body, mind and spirit.

Author of the book “Why Wait”, Carol Mann uses her clairvoyant talents to access what she calls “transmissions” from people who have passed. You can purchase her book online here.

View Carol’s website here.