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Effective Hands-On Assists for Yoga Teachers: Part 1
In this informative workshop which is excellent for yoga teachers and experienced students, you’ll learn:

– Safety, space and developing intuition
–  Common patterns, places of disembodiment and lack of awareness
– How to identify key actions and movements of prana within asanas
– How to effectively and safely encourage evolution within the asana
– How to reintegrate pairs of pranic movement through balanced touch
– Transformative vs. Therapeutic vs. Action Awareness Assists
– The importance of your own energy and quality of touch in the transmission
– Preventing injury through interactivity
– How to adapt assists for different bodies

Because this is the most commonly requested material amongst current yoga teachers, we will begin this workshop with a review of foundational, blueprint hands-on assists and basic principles. From there we will explore the subtler aspects of hands-on assists, learn to identify relationships to blueprint asanas and practice the hands-on transmission with each other in a variety of asanas.

The intention of this workshop is to empower you with both knowledge and confidence and to stimulate your sense of intuition and awareness in your own embodied practice.