200-Hour Teacher Training Application

Please read the following pages to understand in detail the application process for Inversion Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you have about the training at anytime. Louise Sanseau will be available to answer your questions directly and to guide you through this experience. Once you read through and complete the following application, please email to Louise at louise@inversionyoga.com. Students will be accepted into the training in the order that their application is received and space is limited so apply early!

Training Details
2013 Training Dates:
4/15/4/27 Module 1 w/ Niki Sue Mueller, Sarah Kline, Louise Sanseau
4/29-5/11 Module 2 Hot w/ Cameron Barker, Louise Sanseau & various
Inversion hot teachers assisting
9/30-10/12 Module 1
10/14-10/26 Module 2 Vinyasa

Must complete Module 1 before attending Module 2
Must complete M1 & M2 to receive 200-hour certification

M1 $1,400
M2 $1,400 (M1 must be completed before taking M2)
M1 + M2 $2,500 (if modules are taken together)
Discount: Save $300 if you pay in full 3 months before the start of the training.
Deposit: $500 to reserve your spot in the training

Upon acceptance of the training your reservation deposit of $500 is due. If you pay in full 3 months before the start of the program you save $300. Final payments are due 2 weeks before the start of the training. Cancellations over 45 days to the start of the program are $200 with the balance refunded or applied to a future Inversion Yoga TT within 2 years. Cancellations 20 – 45 days to the start of the program are $500 with the balance refunded or applied to future Inversion Yoga TT within 2 years. All fees are final and non refundable within the 20 day period before the start of the program.

What you will gain from this 200 hour TT
72 hrs of practice- asana, pranayama, meditation
72 hrs teaching methodology & practicum (this is a hands-on training. Yoga Alliance requires 15 hours of methodology however we hope that with additional hours in this discipline you will feel confident in your voice and have a clear understanding of sequencing, teaching, adjusting and assisting)
24 hrs anatomy & physiology (Yoga Alliance requires 10 hours however we feel this an integral part of a solid training experience; thus, we are heightening its emphasis in hopes that you will gain a solid foundation and continue to educate yourself in the physical body and its anatomical structure related to each posture)
24 hrs yoga philosophy
12 hrs chanting, mantra and sutra study
20 homework hours
Total: 200-224 hours of training- depending on personal attendance
6 am morning pranayama, breathing & meditation
7:00-9:00 practice
10:30 – 12:30 posture study of alignment, form, benefits and adjustments
12:30-1:30 yoga philosophy, history, lineage
2:00-2:30 yoga sutra and mantra study & chant, opening & closing chants
2:30-3:30 intellectual sequencing, round robins- teaching & assisting
3:30-4:30 anatomy & physiology applied to the postures and practice
evening class observation (optional)
nutrition program integrated throughout the training

Module 1 must be taken before Module 2. Module 1 offers insight into various yoga lineages, philosophy, and methods of teaching. The lineages we will explore are Ashtanga, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Prana Flow, and Power Yoga. You will begin with these various methods of yoga before focusing on one type of class in which you would like to teach. Module 2 refines your ability to teach a class with intelligent sequencing by focusing on one type of yoga. In the spring of 2013 we are offering Module 2 Hot, which will equip you to teach a strong, safe, and intelligent hot class. In the fall we will offer Module 2 Vinyasa, which will equip you to teach a strong, safe and intelligent Vinyasa class.

Module 1 will be co taught by Sarah Kline, Niki Sue Mueller and Louise Sanseau.
Module 2 will be co taught by Cameron Barker and Louise Sanseau
Other Inversion teachers will be assisting throughout the training.

Sarah Kline Louise Sanseau Cameron Barker Niki Sue Mueller
Side Perks:
For the duration of the training, the following is available to you:
• Attend any class on the schedule at Inversion Yoga for free
• Receive 15% off all studio merchandise
• Leave mats and personal belongings at the studio between sessions
• Receive 10% off juice from Healthy Being
• Order yoga books in advance at wholesale price plus shipping

Why Take A Yoga Teacher Training?
There are a vast number of reasons for why anyone takes a yoga teacher training program. Perhaps you simply want to learn more about yoga and more about yourself. Perhaps you want to start teaching yoga! Perhaps you do not know why you are drawn to it, but you cannot shake the idea of participating in the training. For whatever reason, a basic 200-hour teacher training is a great way to flood your mind with stimulating thought and your body with healthy life practices.

The general rule of thumb with teaching anything is to teach what you know. Thus, the first step towards learning how to teach yoga is to look at and to explore your experience within your practice, your exploration of yoga postures, and your experience within your body and breath. This is an inward exploration. Our intention is to equip you with an in-depth study into various lineages of yoga, the anatomy and physiology of yoga and the body, yoga philosophy, class sequencing and methodology, and overall teaching and adjusting techniques. However, a good teacher comes from experience, so the sooner you can begin the process the better!

This 200-hour training will teach you about yoga and about yourself, will deepen your self-practice, and may open doors to opportunities you previously did not have or could not see. The experience builds confidence in your voice, clarity in thought, and willpower and stamina to complete 200 hours of rigorous practice and study in 28 days! This training is a physical, mental and financial commitment. The physical practice is rigorous; we are cramming a lot of information into a short amount of time. If you are pregnant, injured, or limited in anyway you are always welcome to modify in the practice and do what you need to do for your body and health throughout the course of the training. Please know and respect your body.

This training is an opportunity to learn and we expect you to: listen to yourself, risk failure, embrace your mistakes and learn from them, try new things, build confidence, learn from others, deepen your awareness, establish a degree of mental clarity, show up eager to learn, and ask for help. We are here to support you!

Teacher Training Application

General Information
Name: Phone Number: Email Address: Physical Address:

What modules are you applying for?
Module 1 Spring Module 1 Fall Module 2 Hot Module 2 Vinyasa

Yoga Experience
When did you start practicing yoga regularly?
How often do you practice?
What form of yoga do you practice?
Where do you practice?
What styles of yoga are you interested in learning more about?
Have you ever been through a teacher training program for yoga? If so, where and when?
Are you currently teaching yoga? If so, what style?

General Health
Do you have any medical conditions or a medical history?
Please list any old or new injuries or physical ailments.
Please describe your physical health, diet and overall state of wellbeing.

Essay Questions (Please write 100 words minimum)
How has your yoga practiced affected your life and your relationship to the world around you?
Who have been your main teachers and who has influenced you on your Yoga path?
In brief, what is your profession and life history?
What would you like to improve in your life?
Why have you chosen this training?
What are your expectations from this training?