Heart Centered Meditation to Assist the Pacific Ocean in Clearing Itself of Life Endangering Levels of Radiation

  • It is science fact that the molecular structure of water responds to our thoughts.
  • Loving thoughts are proven to create coherence, balance, health in the damaged structure of polluted water molecules.
  • The Pacific Ocean is currently absorbing 300,000 gallons/day of lethal radioactive water from the damaged, but not repaired, nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.
  • Fish in the Pacific Ocean…even from California…are no longer safe for human consumption, not to mention the damage to the ocean’s ecosystem.
  • Heart Centered Meditation can focus the power of our positive group thought to the Pacific Ocean.

Please Join Us!
DATE:     This Friday, September 20th
PLACE:   Inversion Yoga Studio
TIME:      7:30pm-8:30pm