Studio Etiquette

1. Arrive to class on time. Allow time to sign in and set up your practice space. Entering class late is disruptive and disrespectful to others. If you are late, please wait to enter the class until after the opening mediation, chant or dharma talk, and enter as quietly as you can. While we are strict about tardiness, it does happen. Please practice acceptance and tolerance to late comers and make room for them if there is no free mat space.

2. Be mindful of where you park. Please do not park in our neighbor’s private parking spots. You can park in the alley behind Inversion and on the street. There is a free parking lot two blocks away on Mercill Ave and N. Cache St. Ride your bike! The new bike path loops around our corner. Roll onto the curb, lock up your bike on the bike rack and come on in. Ride the Start Bus! Town Shuttle: Bus stop # 31, Historical Society, will drop you directly behind our building. If you are coming from the Village, get off at the bus stop #20, Antler Inn, walk 6 blocks north on Millward.

3. Check in at the front desk when you arrive. If you have signed up online you simply have to click arrived on the front desk iPad. Or you can enter your name into the class on the iPad once you’ve arrived. Our front desk staff and teachers are there to assist you should you need help.

4. Stagger your mats in the yoga room in an orderly manner and leave a few mat spaces for those who are running late.

5. Make sure that your body, clothes and mat are clean and odor free. Please use deodorant and do not cover your body scent with perfume, essential oils, cologne, after-shave or scented lotion. Some people are very sensitive to these chemicals and strong smells.

6. Leave your cell phone in your car or turn it to a completely silent setting. In rare circumstances, if you must bring your phone into the class, please set it to vibrate and do not enter and exist the class multiple times to answer your phone.

7. Please refrain from talking before and after class in the yoga rooms. For some the yoga room is the only quite time they have in their day. You are welcome to gather and talk in the back seating area for as long as you’d like before or after a class during business hours.

8. Clean up after yourself. Cultivate a deeper awareness and respect of your surroundings. Our studio is a community space. Please clean up after yourself, be quite while in the yoga rooms, and be mindful of those around you. Please put your shoes nicely into a cubby, hang up your coat, put your cellphone on silent, wipe up any sweat around your mat before you leave the studio, and leave the space cleaner than you entered.

9. Leave valuables at home. Inversion Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

10. If you have injuries, illness, or medical conditions please let instructor know before class.

11. If you would not like to be adjusted during class please let instructor know before class and take an orange triangle into the class with you and put it alongside your mat.

12. Ask questions before and after class! The desk staff, karma yogis, teachers and management are here to help you. During class, please refrain from talking.

13. Return props neatly to their proper shelves after class. If you have rented a mat please roll it up and leave it neatly in the bathroom. If you have rented a towel or yogitoes please put them in the laundry hampers located in the bathrooms.

14. Practice with care and consideration for yourself and others and ALWAYS modify in postures as you need. Respect your limits by listening to your body and allowing the breath to lead you deeper into the postures rather than your ambition and mind.

15. Relax and enjoy the process. It is easy to become frustrated when opening and releasing the body of past tension and pain. Try to: practice lightheartedly, observe how the mind and body react to discomfort, fatigue, or irritation with some neutrality, and enjoy the practice of self exploration! Be happy and have fun while cultivating a daily mindful movement practice.