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Explore the Mind Body Connection. Process your past. Reveal what’s holding you back. Pave a path in the direction you are looking to go.

  • Counseling
  • Private Sessions: Yoga, Meditation, or Pranayama
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga For Trauma
  • Zero Waste Movement


Counseling with Sarah Kline

  • Reset your nervous and glandular systems so you can feel relaxed and act from your intuition, heart, and soul
  • Understand your negative reactions so they do not derail your communications, relationships, or life choices
  • Practice responding to the immense demands of life from a place of consciousness and grace
  • Practice skills that will balance the nervous system for long term resilience from stress
  • Practice loving your body and living from a place of empowered self-esteem
  • Talk ‘a hold of your mind’ through the practice of meditation
  • Fine tune your intuition and perception

Sarah is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the State of Wyoming and an experienced Yoga Teacher. She has been working at the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center as well as St John’s Hospital as an On-Call Crisis Counselor for the past eleven years. She teaches yoga classes at Inversion Yoga and operates a private practice on Monday’s out of 220 N Millward, Jackson, WY. Sarah holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology.  She is trained and certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and EMDR which addresses Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In session she draws from her years of experience with Yoga and Meditation to assist in the healing process, reprocessing, and rewiring of the brain to improve overall wellbeing.

To schedule a session, please email Sarah at: sokline@me.com

Private Sessions

Prices may vary with session or teacher. Our standard rates are:

$50 – 1/2 Hr Posture Clinic

$95 – 1 Hr Private

$120 – 1.5 Hr Private

$50/ Person – 1 Hr Semi Private

$65/ Person – 1.5 Hr Semi Private

$200/ Group – +$10 a person after 20

  • + $15 for Hot Yoga
  • + $10 for Hammocks
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Yoga Therapy

Yoga For Trauma with Chelsea

Zero Waste Movement

The JH Cabin is home to our sister business, YogaLyte. This is food company that is committed to eco packaging and sourcing ethically. We are working together to address issues of sustainability and wellness on a local and international level. See what we’re up to and jump into our local zero-waste movement today!